Diagnostic Facilities

Biochemistry  Haematology 
Alk. Phosphate  Absolute Eosinophil count (AEC)
Amylase  Bleeding time 
Anti HAVM Blood routine with ESR
Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Blood Routine 
ASO Titer  Bone Marrow aspiration 
Bicarbonate  Bone Marrow test 
Blood Sugar  Clotting time 
Blood Urea  DC
Body fluids Routine exam.(Protein, Sugar cells) Filaria parasite 
Cholesterol Only  FNAC
C-Reactive Protein (CRP) LE Cells 
CSF Routine exam (Protein,Sugar cells) Malaria parasite
Ferritin PCV
Fibrinogen  Peripheral Smear 
Gamma GT Platelets
Glucose Stess Test (G.S.T) Reticulocytes 
Glucose Tolereance Test (GTT) TC
HbA1C Trephene Biopsy 
HDL Only  Histopathology  
LDL only  Biopsy Slide Reviw
Lipid Profile  Bone marrow Aspiration & Biopsy
Phosphorous  C.T.Guided Fnac
Potassium alone  Cell Block
Prothrombin Time  Fluid Cytology
RA factor  FNAC
S. Creatinine  Histopathology Spe Test
S. Protein with AG Ratio ( TP) Image guided FNAC
S. Uric Acid  Immunohistochemistry
Serum Albumin  Special stains
Serum Bilirubin  Microbiology 
Serum Calcium  Culture & Sensitivity
Serum Sodium, Potassium Gram Stain 
SGOT Widal Test 
SGPT Miscellaneous 
Sodium alone  Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)
T3  Sputum AFB
T4 Stool 
TG only  Occult blood 
Thyroid function test (TFT) PH
Troponin T Reducing substance 
TSH Stool routine exam 
Urine PC ratio  Tumour Markers
Blood Bank  AFP (Alphafeto- Protein)
Albumin CA 125
Antenatal Screening Test ( AST package) CA 19.9
Blood Group & Rh CEA (Carcino Embryonic Antigen)
Creatinine PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)
Cross match (with all required screening test ) Urine Exams 
Cross Match only  24 hrs. Urine albumin 
Direct Coomb's Test (DCT/DAT) Acetone 
Hb Albumin 
HBSAG Bence Jone's Protein (BJP)
HCV Bile Pigment 
HIV Bile Salt 
Indirect Coomb's Test (ICT/IAT) Microscopy
Platelet Sugar 
VDRL Urinary PH
Cardiology Urine Pregnancy test 
Bed Side Echo  Urine Routine exam 
Echo Color Doppler Urine specific gravity 
Echocardiogram Urobilinogen 
Electrocardiogram (ECG)    
Electrophysiology Study (EPS) & Ablation    
Holter monitor    
Stress Test (TMT)    
Audiology & Speech therapy Orthopaedics
Aphasia  #calcaneum
Audiogram  #distal femur 
BERA #distal tibia + fibula 
Cleft Lip and Palate  #distal tibia 
Delayed Speech & Language development  #lateral malleolus 
DSL with autism  #medical malleolus 
DSL with Behavioural  Problems  #Patella 
DSL with cerebral palsy  #Phalanx, metacarpal metatarsal-K-wires 
DSL with hearing Loss #phalanx, Metacarpal metatarsal-Plates 
DSL with mental retardation  #posterior 
Dysarthria  #Talus 
Learning Disability  AK cast 
Misarticulation  Arthroscopy knee – ACL-recon 
OAE Arthroscopy shoulder ( all procedures ) 
Special Tests  Biceps tender repair 
Speech Consultation  Bimalleolar # ankle 
Stuttering  BK cast 
Tympanogram  Bone frafting ( combined with other procedure )
VEMP Closed pinning fracture neck of Femur 
Voice Problems  CTS release 
Brachytherapy Deroofing 
Breat  DHS
Cervix  DHS
Endometrium  Diabetic toe debridement 
Esophagus  Ender nailing in adults 
Head + Neck  Ender nailing in children 
Cardiology Ex Fix tibia 
Adult Congenital  Extensor tendon repair 
Aortic Surgeries  FB removal 
Baloon Pump Flexor tendon repair 
B-Pap Ventilator  Fracture both bones forearm 
CABG Fracture clavicle 
CABG + Double Valve Fracture greater tuberosity 
CABG + Valve  Fracture olecranon 
Cardiac Surgery  Hemiarthroplasty shoulder 
Coiling & Embolization  Hemiartroplasty hip
Coronary Angiogram  Hip spic 
Coronary Angioplasty  HTO
C-Pap Ventilator  IIizarov Femur 
Double Valve  IIizarov tibia 
Monitoring  ILN 
Pacemaker  Implant removal – plate and screw 
Triple Valve Interlocking nailing Femur 
Valve Repair / Replacement  Interlocking nailing humerus 
Venogram  Interlocking nailing Tibia 
Gastroenterology Isolated radius shaft 
Colonoscopy + Biopsy  Isolated ulna shaft 
Colonoscopy  Knee aspiration 
Endoscopy + Biopsy  Lisfrane facture dislocation 
Endoscopy  Local steroid 
Enteroscopy – side viewing scopy  Long bone Osteomyelitis-curettage debridement 
Flexible Sigmodoscopy + Biopsy  Lower radius – bridge plate 
Flexible Sigmodoscopy  Lower radius – CMR + K- wire 
Liver Biopsy  Lower radius – locking plate 
PEG  Lower radius , JESS 
Percutaneous Ethanol Injection  Lower radius locking plate with grafting 
Savary / Baloon Dialation  Mallet finger 
Sigmodoscopy + Biopsy  Meniscal repair 
Sigmodoscopy  Meniscetomy 
Stenting  Minor excision 
USG Modular hip arthroplasty 
USG + Linear Probe  Open arthrotomy and lavage 
USG+ FNAC Open Bankart's repair 
General Surgery ORIF # Acetabulum 
Branchial cyst. excision  ORIF # Scaphoid 
Circumcision  ORIF # Symphysis pubis 
Cone excision , microdochectomy  ORIF Exfix pelvis 
Debridement / Grafting  PFN
Ear Lobe repair  Plating humerus 
Epigastric  POP CMR 
Excision of Breast Lump POP GA 
Excision of Swelling  Radial Head excision 
Exploratory Laparotomy  Revision hip and knee 
Fistulectomy  Rotator cuff open repair 
Haemorrhoidectomy ( Open )  Slab / cast 
Haemorrhoidectomy ( Stapler ) Soft tissue hand sugeries 
Incisional  Subacromial decompression shoulder 
Lateral anal Sphincterotomy  Supracondylar # humerus ( pinning ) in child 
Modified Radical Mastectomy  Supracondylor intercondlyar # humerus in adult 
Open Appendiectomy  Tendoachiles repair – acute 
Open Hernia repair ( Inguinal ) Tendoachiles repair – chronic 
Open Hernia repair ( Umbilical ) Tension band 
Parotidectomy THR
Pilonidal Sinus ( Excision ) Tibial plateaux fracture with bone grafting 
Pilonidal Sinus ( Multiple Z Pasty ) Tibial plateaux fracture 
Submandibular  TKR
Thyroglossal cyst. excision  Trigger finger release 
Thyroidectomy ( Hemi ) Wound debridement – major 
Thyroidectomy ( Total ) Wound debridement – minor 
Varicose veins + trendelenberg operation Multiple ligation + GSV stripping  Physiotherapy
Laparoscopy C P M ( Continuous Passive Mobulisation exercise ) 
Adhesiolysis  E.S ( Electrical Stimulation )
Cholcystectomy IFT ( Interferential Therapy )
Diagnostic laparoscopy Node / Peritoncal biopsy  IRR ( Infra Red Radiation )
Emergency exploratory Laparotomy  SWD ( Short Wave Deathermy )
Fundoplication  TENS ( Trans Cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation )
Incisional Hernia  Tilt Table 
Inguinal hernia repair Traction 
Laparoscopic Appendicectomy UST ( Ultrasound )
Rectopexy  Wax Therapy 
Soft tissue sarcoma excision  Pulmonology
Vential hernia repair Allergy test 
Neonatology Arterial Line Insertion 
Aproca monitor Bronchoscopy + Biopsy / BAL
Arterial Blood Sampling ( ABG ) Bronchoscopy 
Arterial Cannulation  Central Venus Line Insertion 
Bladder catheterization  Cross Common 
Blood & Platelet Cell  DC common 
Blood sugar monitoring  Diffusion 
Blood transfusion  FNAC
Blue tube phototherapy FNAC ( SUK )
Exchange Transfusion  ICU Bronchoscopy 
FIO2 monitoring NIBP Intubations 
Halogen Tube  Lumbar Punctures 
Head Box Oxygen Percutaneous Tracheotomy 
Intercostal drainage  PFT
Lumber Puncture  Pleural Aspiration + Pleural Biopsy 
Normal new born post delivery care  Pleural Aspiration 
Observation  Tube Thoracostomy 
Pulse Oximetry  Ultrasound
Radiant warmer with oxygen Ankle Joint 
Radiant Warmer without oxygen Carotid Doppler 
Umblical  Vein / Artery Cannulation  DVT Study ( 2 Limbs )
Ventilation & Intubation  DVT Study ( Single Limb )
Ventilation CPAP – Nasal  Infant Hip Joint 
Neurology Knee Joint 
Carpal Tunnel release  Penile Doppler 
Central Line Placement  Peripheral ( 2 Limbs )
EMG  Peripheral ( Single Limb )
Endotracheal Intubation  Renal Doppler 
External Ventricular Drain Placement  Scrotal 
Lumbar Puncture  Shoulder Joint 
Lumbar Subarachnoid drain placement  Small parts 
NCS – Brachial plexus Thyroid 
NCS- RNS USG ( Abdomen + Pelvis )
Nerve conduction study ( Full study ) USG ( Pelvis )
Scalp Swelling excision  USG + TVS Evaluation 
Skull Traction  Varicose Vein Study ( 2 Limbs ) 
Tracheostomy  Varicose Vein Study ( Single Limb )
Wound Suturing  Wrist Joint 
Obstetrics Gynaecology  Ultrasound Scan  (Gynecology)
Abdominal Hysterectomy (TAH ) B.P.P. ( Biophysical Profile )
Abdominal Hysterectomy + Pelvic  B.P.P. Including Scan 
Bartholin's Cyst. excision  Follicular Study ( One month )
Cervical Biopsy – I/V Sedation  Growth Scan 
Cervical Circlage  Hysterosonotherapy 
Cervical Tear / Vaginal tear repair under Anesthesia  Obstetric 3D Scan 
Cryo Surgery Obstetric 4D Scan 
Cystocele + Rectocece repair  Obstetric Doppler Study + 2D scan 
D & C + Cervical Polypectomy – Anesthesia  Obstetric Scan ( Repeat ) 
D & C Cervical Biopsy – I/V Sedation  Obstetric Scan ( Routine )
D & C Cervical Polypectomy – I/V Sedation  T.V.S ( Repeat ) within one month 
D & C I/V sedation  Transvauinac Scan ( TVS ) for Gynace
D & C under Anesthesia  Transvauinac Scan (TVS) Early Pregnancy 
D& C + Cervical Biopsy – Anesthesia  TRS ( Transrectal Scan ) 
Diagnostic Hystero Laparoscopy + Chromotubation  USU – Pelvis – Abdominal 
Diagnostic Hysteroscopy  Urology
Diagnostic Laproscopy  Bile Orchidectomy 
Ectopic Pregnancy – Laparotomy  Bile Varicocelectomy 
Episiotomy Hemetoma Evacuation under Anesthesia Cystolithotripsy 
FT ND with Episiotomy  Cystoscopy + Stent removal 
HSG  Cystoscopy + Uretearl stenting 
IUI  Cystoscopy under Anaesthesia 
L S C S  Prostratic Biopsy / LA 
Lap. Assited Vaginal Hysterectomy ( LAVH ) Radical Nephrectomy 
Laparoscopic Myomectomy  Simple Nephrectomy 
Lymphnode Sampling  Turbt Operation 
Manual removal of placenta (MROP)under Anesthesia Turp Operation 
Open Myomectomy – Laparotomy  Urethral Dialation / in anesthesia  
Operative Hysteroscopy  Urethral Dilation / in OPD 
Operative Laparoscopy – Ectopic  URS + Lithotripsy + Stenting 
Operative Laparoscopy  URS + Stenting +ESWL
Ovarian Cystectomy – Laparotomy  X-ray
Pap Smear  Abdomen – Adult 
Resuturing  under Anesthesia  Abdomen – Child 
Suction Evacuation – I/V Sedation  Abdomen – Erect & Supine  
Suction evacuation Anesthesia  Ankle AP, Lat 
Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy ( TLH )  Cervical Spine Ap , Lat 
TVT Cervical Spine Lat
Twin Delivery Chest – Adult 
V Extraction / Forceps Delivery Chest – Child 
Vaginal Hysterectomy ( VH )  Dental – Occulasial 
Vaginal Hysterectomy ( VH + TVT ) Dental – One Film 
Vaginal Hysterectomy with repair ( VH with repair ) Elbow AP, Lat 
Vault Prolapse repair + sacrospinons coloposy  Fermur AP, Lat 
Vault Prolapse repair + Sacrospinous Coloposy +TVT Fingers AP, Lat 
VH with repair + sacrospinous colpopexy + TVT Foot AP Oblique 
VH with repair + Sacrospinous  colpopexy  Forarm AP, Lat 
VH with repair + TVT Hand AP Oblique 
Opthalmology Hip AP
Catract Acrylic Humerous AP, Lat 
Catract Indian  Kid’s – Below 3 years ( All X-rays. ) 
Catract Multifocal  Knee AP, Lat 
Catract Silicone  Knee Skyline Intercondylar 
Catract Technis  KUB – Adult 
Catract  Acrysoft Toric  KUB- Child 
Special X-ray  L.S.P. AP, Lat 
Barium – Meal  Leg – Child 
Barium  – Swallow  Leg AP, Lat 
IVP Mandible AP
Mammogram – BLL Mandible Lat, Oblique 
Mammogram – One side  Mastoids 
MCU Nasal Bone 
RGU Neck Lat – Soft Tissue 
    Neck, AP, Lat 
    Open Mouth
    Shoulder AP
    Shoulder AP, Auxiliary 
    Skull AP, Lat 
    Submento Vertex 
    T. Spine AP, Lat 
    Thoraco Lumbar Spine , AP Last 
    Wirst AP, Lat