Hospital Amenities





Two Major Banks (Federal Bank & South Indian Bank) ATM booths provide service for you round the clock. These booths are situated near front office (ground floor) in our hospital.





A number of coffee stalls are situated near two wheeler parking area, casualty waiting area, near hospital grotto, near hospital canteen etc to cater to the patients. Also coffee stalls offering tasty, but light meals and refreshments that are freshly prepared daily.


Hospital Chapel located on the first floor. The serenity of the Chapel can offer a peaceful reprieve for those coping with the illness of a loved one. The Chapel is open from 5.30 a.m. until    8.30 p.m. Masses available on everyday at 6 a.m. Also Rosary is conducting on every day   6.30 p.m. All Chapel Services live telecast available on Hospital channel “Caritas Vision” (channel 1) All faith of worship can fulfill in the prayer room located in Caritas Cancer Institute  ( 4th floor)



Information Desk is located, Near to casualty on the ground floor. Staffs are available around the clock to help you. They are available to help locate patients, Doctors, staff, and departments. Information about Ambulances, taxis also is available here


Parking area is available for patents and visitors within the hospital grounds


PCO/FAX/PHOTOSTAT available on the first floor


Caritas Hospital offers full service centralized OP (out-patient) and IP (in-patient) hospital pharmacies. Pharmacy is geared up to cater to the medication needs of our patients 24hrs. Services are provided for all IP-patients, as well as those patients served by our OP service departments.

Pharmacy is manned by competent and experienced pharmacists. Our pharmacy staffs are trained in counseling patients about the correct method of taking medicines. Generally, people have very little knowledge regarding proper use of medication. This lack of knowledge may become harmful as it may lead to aggravation of disease, more side effects, less compliance, and even increased cost of therapy. Various studies have shown that when patients discuss their therapy related problems and concerns with a drug expert (pharmacist), it resulted in increased compliance and better treatment outcomes. Several studies have shown that patient education programs by pharmacists had a tremendous impact on patient compliance, medication error rate and therapy outcome. It definitely helped in improving patients’ quality of life.


The Angel store is located inside the hospital near to LAB (1st floor). The store is open Monday through Saturday 8am to 5pm. Baby items, Books, Cosmetic items, Cool drinks, Garments, Religious items, Sweets, Toys, and small personal items are available.


Uniformed security guards are on duty 24 hours.


Taxi stand available near to casualty


Televisions with cable TV channels are installed in all waiting areas of the hospital also televisions are provided in each patient rooms & wards. Hospital chapel Services live telecast available on Hospital channel “Caritas Vision” (channel 1).                                                                                                [Note: other channels are not available in chapel services time]


Pure drinking water is provided by the hospital near OP Departments, Casualty etc.



The hospital has washrooms & toilets for patients and visitors near to OP departments and other waiting areas








Smoking is not permitted in the hospital compounds; similarly, the hospital policy strictly prohibits consumption of alcohol anywhere in the hospital premises.

Patients and visitor are requested not to take any photographs inside the hospital.

Our hospital employees have been instructed not to accept any tip or gratuity from patients or visitors, because as a service organization, we wish to extend every courtesy to you. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining this policy

As water & electricity is very precious today, judicious use of water & electricity is highly appreciable.