Psychology & Counselling

The department has an excellent facility for Psycho diagnostics, which would help in adequate diagnosis and management of various psychiatric and other disorders. We are also doing a wide coverage of outreach programs for student as through schools, PTA meetings, churches,club and family gatherings. A large number of special schools are utilizing the required services from our institution. Family therapy and other family welfare programs are the other attractions of the center. We have facilities for behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and sex therapy. We have a special clinic for hearing disability and childhood behavioral problems. It forms an important part of the holistic approach at Caritas hospital. Bedside counseling is provided for the patients. Parents and relatives are educated for the nature of illness and lifestyle changes that could play a therapeutic or preventive role. Dietary and nutrition advice, alcohol and drug de-addiction p rograms, child psychiatry and the HIV cell are some of the special services that offer the patient an insight in to their problem.


Consulting Time
Day Morning Evening
Monday 10 AM to 1 PM ———-
Tuesday ———- ———-
Wednesday 10 AM to 1 PM ———-
Thursday ———- ———-
Friday ———- ———-
Saturday 10 AM to 1 PM ———-